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Center Manager, Medical Treatment Facility, Saginaw Michigan

“So far, with both Katrina and Brad, the building has looked good. We appreciate the thoroughness that we’ve seen so far. Our facility manager mentioned that she observed them changing out the mop water after mopping the restrooms, and we really are impressed with that. The professionalism the two have shown is refreshing. Please keep up the good work!” Client response to New Image assuming service for six additional locations; requested on Good Friday for a Monday start.

Kirby Wilmore / Loss Control Consultant

“You do a lot more than most of our clients to promote safety and security. New Image obviously takes safety & security very seriously.”

Nanette Andre' / Property Manager, Commercial Management Services Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions

“The number of complaints from our tenants has significantly decreased since New Image started...I feel that your company listens, understands, anticipates and responds to the needs of my buildings.”

Emily Hammond / Property Manager, Oxford Companies

“Tenants are extremely pleased and the hard work of management and the staff at the buildings shows in the cleanliness.”

Property Manager / Class A High Rise

“The transition has been unbelievable painless.”

James L. Newman / CEM, CSDP, LEED AP, OPMP Owner and Managing Partner

“My team and I recall the cooperation of you and your management, as well as your custodial staff in implementing the processes and procedures.”

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