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A Higher Level of Clean

New Image Building Services

Established in 1988, New Image Building Services provides Green Cleaning and related facility services for a wide range of clients, both nationally and internationally. Along with various alliances and partnerships, the company is a reliable source for multiple building solutions.


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Why choose New Image Building Services?

Monthly or quarterly business reviews
To avoid complacency and renew our customer relationships, we hold regular reviews during which we discuss what was accomplished, what needs to be done going forward, and how we can make continuous improvements. At the end, customers can score our "performance to contract." These meetings provide a renewed commitment to mutual success – and keep us on our toes!
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Company culture
Creating a great place to work has a direct impact on the service we provide for our customers. A consistent staff means consistent service. Our employees are also continually trained to provide the best service possible.
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Availability and responsiveness matter, so we make it a priority to support your requests, concerns, and feedback. From answering your calls to providing 24/7 service, you can rely on us to be there for you. Service is in our DNA!
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By using robotics and other productivity enhancing equipment, we can reduce costs without sacrificing service levels. This technology also makes work less taxing on our staff, which helps us attract and retain great employees.
Workforce management software
This tool allows us to provide real-time verification of services – you’ll know when your facility was cleaned and by whom. You’ll also receive a photo of the facilities. We believe in full transparency.
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Painless transition
Maybe you’re unhappy with your current cleaning service but think changing vendors will be too big of a hassle. Don’t be afraid to make a change! We make the transition painless, with no disruption to your business. We can be mobilized and providing improved service within 30 days.

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A word from our leadership

“Our Purpose at New Image Building Services is to deliver safe and healthy facilities.”

John Ezzo

CEO / New Image Building Services

“We’re on the cutting edge. We’re expecting a higher-level of clean than we’ve ever expected before.”

Jim Wallace

Senior Vice President / New Image Building Services